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Emergency Guide

What to Do in a Roadside Emergency

Safety should be your main concern

In case of a flat tire, mechanical breakdown, or empty fuel tank you are forced to stop driving, the most important  is to act that ensure your safety. Here are some tips from the auto experts MotoNeed.in.
Get off the road
Pull off vehicle as far as safely possible, from the road. Safely walk to another location, if the vehicle is in or near the traffic. If the vehicle is parked on the shoulder of a busy highway, exit from the passenger side. Lock the vehicle leaving a note on the windshield with your mobile phone number for in case roadside assistance or the police reach your vehicle.
Make your vehicle as visible as possible
As soon as you realize that your vehicle has problems, at the minimum, turn on the hazard lights . Once stopped, use any warning signals you have  (hazard triangle, flares, or a warning light) to alert other motorists about your vehicle's presence. Place the warning device as far behind your car as practical to give other motorists maximum notice as possible.
Display a distress signal
If you need police or highway help, raise the hood or tie a piece of white cloth to the radio antenna or door handle, or hang the cloth out of the top of the door and close it on the cloth. This is usually practiced in most of the Western countries, but in India raising the hood will do. 
Keep the doors locked
If the vehicle is in a safe location, wait inside keeping the doors locked and the safety belts fastened.
Exercise caution
Judge properly in accepting help from strangers. If you're suspicious of someone who stops, lower the window only little, enough to talk. If you're waiting for help to reach, thank them for stopping and tell them you're OK. If you need help, ask them to make a call for you.

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